Belly Dance

Have you ever wanted to try out a completely different type of exercise in Alexandria, VA but weren’t sure where to go? Are you stuck in a traditional exercise routine that just isn’t giving you the results you want or keeping your interest piqued? That’s why belly dancing at PIES Fitness and Yoga Studio is the perfect exercise routine for when the regular classes just aren’t appealing to you.

Belly dancing can give you a chance to experience a wide variety of dance genres such as salsa, raggaeton, cha cha, merengue, belly dancing, cumbia, and much more. There’s nothing more exhilarating than hopping in on one of our classes and being able to experience firsthand this relatively exotic form of exercise. While belly dancing has been in practice all over the world for thousands of years, belly dancing in Alexandria, VA may be harder to find than other types of fitness classes. Our staff is knowledgeable not only about the history of belly dancing but can train you in the art. Classes at PIES encompass several different types of belly dancing which give you a broader range of moves and a deeper understanding of just how intense of an exercise routine belly dancing can truly be.

As with all classes at PIES in Alexandria, VA, we accept you no matter your skill or fitness level. Our goal is to help every single client find the right type of exercise for them. Whether they indulge in yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, belly dancing, or one of our many other classes, our team of highly trained instructors are excited to teach these new techniques to every practitioner. If you have been searching for a belly dancing class in Alexandria, VA without any luck, we’d love to see you at our studio. Stop by to sign up for one of our classes, or check out our wide range of other courses to partake in.