Senior Yoga

For the past seven years PIES Fitness Yoga Studio has been dedicated to serving the senior population of Alexandria, VA and the wider DMV metro area. Our signature class, My Body Don’t Bend the Way was developed specifically to address the needs of our first clients, most of whom are seniors. Because PIES is dedicated to making yoga accessible to everyone, we have over 30 classes on our weekly schedule that are appropriate for seniors.

For seniors who are new to yoga, My Body Don’t Bend that Way is a great place to begin. Opening check-ins provide a place to connect with fellow classmates and build a community. Emphasis is placed on breath and awareness of movement while respecting your body and appreciating its current capabilities while enhancing flexibility, balance, and strength with compassionate mindfulness. For those overwhelmed at the prospect of a 60-minute class we have the 30-minute DIVA class specifically for seniors only.

No matter where you start, our instructors are well versed in offering modifications, adaptations, and props to adapt the poses to the body on the mat in the moment to ensure everyone is challenged. They can also direct you to other classes as your practice progresses.

Download our Senior Accessible Class Schedule here.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never done yoga before can I really start now?

At PIES we feel everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga. Yoga is not just about downward facing dogs and headstands. It is about meeting the body where it is and compassionately opening the body and the mind. Our accessible classes are just that. The instructors adjust the class to offer something for everyone and encourage you to listen to your body and respect its limitations.

The teachers continuously observe the abilities of those present and adjust the pace and offerings of the class to ensure everyone remains safe and comfortable while being gently guided to increase mobility, strength, flexibility and balance. Time for relaxation and to check in with your body are offered regularly.


Will I be required to get up and down off the floor?

There are chairs available to practice from or to assist in transitions to and from the floor. The accessible classes are adjusted to ensure safety and ease for all who are present.


What if I struggle with balance?

Working to maintain or build balance is important as we age. Balance poses are often a part of our senior-friendly classes. It is common practice to use the walls, chairs, or blocks to offer support and stability while building up your balance. You may also be guided through exercises to strengthen your core to further aid your balance.

Will the instructor be able to modify yoga postures based on my health issues?

The teachers of our accessible classes will modify postures to ensure safety and ease. You will never be forced to go beyond your body’s limitations and will be encouraged to listen to your body.

If you have specific on-going physical issues you’d like to address in your yoga practice we also have several Adaptive and Therapeutic classes each week. These classes are dynamically tailored to address the concerns of the students present and the instructors of these classes have additional training and experience in yoga therapy, anatomy, modifications, and/or chronic pain. You can read more here.

What if my hearing or vision are deteriorating?

If you require any special attention due to a decline in your hearing or vision, please arrive a few minutes early and let your instructor know. The teacher will adjust by speaking louder and/or turning down any music and offering more verbal cues or hands-on adjustments if you are comfortable with that.

Also check out our Beginners FAQ for more answers to your questions.