As with many of our classes in Alexandria, VA, we understand how vital it is to any exercise routine to offer our clients a wide range of techniques which they may never have taken or heard of before. One of these classes happens to be Capoeira. If you have never heard of it before, Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that has mixes together music, dance, and acrobatics to give you a memorable class. This particular class is focused on increasing you strength, flexibility, and endurance with a huge variety of exercises. One of the best things about this class is bringing the whole family along to learn different techniques for different skill levels.

Capoeira in Alexandria, VA can be one of the most thrilling adventures. At PIES we have a team of experts excited to take you on a new fitness journey. These classes are designed to give you a broad range of techniques which test every part of a normal routine. Learning more about Capoeira can be an exciting new adventure to take and a huge departure from a stale routine that you have grown tired of. Finding a Capoeira class in Alexandria, VA with knowledgeable, trained instructors might not always be the easiest. Luckily PIES Fitness and Yoga Studio is here to give you a class that can show you how full practicing this art can be.

If you are considering mixing up your exercise and trying something new then check out our Capoeira classes in Alexandria, VA. As with many of our classes, skill level will never prevent you from enjoying this new type of exercise. At PIES we’re always interested in helping everyone find the best class for their needs so stop by today and let us help you find just what you’re looking for.