At PIES Fitness and Yoga Studio in Alexandria, VA we understand that the gentle exercise of yoga may not be the only type of exercise you’re interested in testing out. Some clients prefer the aggressive, powerful techniques of kickboxing. A stark departure from yoga, kickboxing is meant to indulge true intensity as well as build muscle for practitioners. Along with muscle, the sport can aid with several different area of development such as self-defense as well as excellent cardio. Here at PIES we have always held the belief that different exercise methods are what make the world an amazing place. At our studio in Alexandria, VA, we celebrate each individual version of strength whether you’re an avid practitioner of Zumba or indulge in our kickboxing classes.

Our expert team of instructors for kickboxing in Alexandria, VA is ready to help you find the right class for you. We understand that kickboxing can be a vitally important class for many reasons. You might be interested in relieving stress, toning your body, learning new moves, self-defense, or just trying a different kind of exercise and PIES can give you the fullest picture of a kickboxing class. While other studios may offer a one-off class that happens every few months, we take our kickboxing classes seriously.

No matter your skill level or your experience with exercise in general, our kickboxing class doesn’t require a previous expertise in kickboxing to join in. Our teachers are trained to help you learn the right moves during the course of our class without putting you in danger of injury. Working with a trained instructor can give you a better understanding of whether or not kickboxing is your new favorite exercise. Stop by our studio soon and sign up for one of our many classes to see where the world of fitness might lead you.